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James Mayer

Born in Ohio, James P. Mayer became interested in photography in high school. On graduating, Jim moved to San Francisco and became a founding member of Optic Nerve, a leftist photography collective. In 1980, Jim formed Ideas In Motion with John Rogers and Lynn Adler.

For 40 years, they created self-produced documentaries, sponsored videos, and commissioned work, addressing social issues and celebrating the creative spirit. Since its founding, Ideas In Motion provided pro bono video services for Bay Area arts organizations, including the Pickle Family Circus and the San Francisco Mime Troupe.

But that day in Prague stayed with him throughout his life, even if the photos remained silent for many decades. But when Jim fell ill with pancreatic cancer, he spent much of his last days working on the images. On one of his last days on earth, Jim asked his lifelong photographer friend, Louis Jaffe, to make prints for an exhibition he himself would likely never see. 


He died on May 9, 2022. On the first anniversary of his passing, Louis and his wife Jane Flint, made that happen at Soma Art + Space in Oakland. Most of these photos are being shown for the first time.


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