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Hemali Khoosal

Hemali Khoosal is one of the most exciting emerging talents in South Africa. An artist, researcher, and filmmaker, she lives in Johannesburg. Khoosal’s art is collaboratively oriented and draws from conversations and interactions with people. She enjoys exploring how humans perceive themselves in relation to others.

As a multidisciplinary artist, each mode allows a different approach to her interests in gesture; language; migration; and intergenerationally inherited and overlooked forms of knowledge.


Most recently, Khoosal was awarded a three-month residency at The Spinnerei, in Leipzig, Germany, by William Kentridge’s Centre for The Less Good Idea & David Krut Projects. Prior to that, she was awarded the Sam Nhlengethwa Young Womxn Award from the Bag Factory, where she had a one-year residency and a two-person exhibition: In Passing. She was a finalist for Sasol New Signatures, a nominee for the Video Art Awards in Italy, and a recipient of the International Spoleto Award. Additionally, she has works in collections including the Centro Luigi di Sarro, the Jack Ginsberg Collection, and Keleketla! Library.


The mixed print portfolio on show carries disorienting distortions and nostalgic visions, in which she attempts to hold space for people to find common ground in their seemingly disconnected experiences and internal worlds.


Contact Us About These Prints:

+1 (510) 593-0454

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