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Bevan de Wet

Bevan de Wet (b.1985) is one of South Africa’s foremost printmakers. De Wet has exhibited extensively, locally and internationally. His work is held in a number of private and public collections including The Wits Art Museum, Nirox Foundation, the South African Embassy in Washington DC, Art Bank Collection South Africa, MOAD Museum of African Design, Exxaro, and the Ahmanson Foundation in Los Angeles.

In 2016 he founded his own print studio, Eleven Editions, and has collaborated with and printed for most of South Africa’s household names in contemporary art.

His practice centers around our increased sense of alienation from the natural environment and the spaces we inhabit, drawing attention to the fragmented nature of our engagement with the world. Concerns around displacement and belonging have led to a fascination with boundaries, both biological and geographical; the way they are never fixed but rather permeable and shifting. 

He works primarily with paper, engaging its materiality and pushing the boundaries of the surface. Works are realized through etching, relief printing, papermaking, drawing and installation.


The work on show, Polymorph, is a full edition of five prints. This series of linocuts is a set of formal experiments, drawing on the discipline of origami.


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